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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) took effect in South Somerset in April 2017.

The following types of planning applications are liable to pay CIL:

  • Applications for the creation of new dwellings. With the exception of sites within the large housing sites proposed in Yeovil and Chard (see Local Plan)
  • Applications for large out of town retail development (use class A1).

CIL is a tariff in the form of a standard charge on the above types of development and is set by us to help the funding of infrastructure. The principle behind CIL is that most development has some impact on infrastructure and should, therefore, contribute to the cost of providing or improving infrastructure to mitigate the impact.

CIL applies to new floor space and charges are based on the size, type and location of the new development. Developments of less than 100 square metres new build floor space will not be liable to pay CIL unless they result in the creation of a new dwelling.

Charges are calculated on gross internal floor area.

Payment of CIL is triggered by the commencement of the development. However, larger developments may qualify to pay in instalments as detailed within our instalment policy.

We will collect the levy, co-ordinate the spending of the funds and report this to the community annually.

Detailed CIL guidance is available on the planning practice guidance website.

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