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Planning Policy

Local Plan

Find out about our Local Plan and how we are using and developing land across the district

Supplementary Planning Documents

Find out about Supplementary Planning Documents that build upon and provide more detailed advice or guidance on policies in the adopted Local Plan.

Local Plan Review 2020-2040

Due to Local Government Reorganisation the Council will no longer be progressing the Local Plan Review – find out more here

Neighbourhood Planning

Find out about the Neighbourhood Planning process and information on our Parish Plans and Village Design Statements

Self-build and Custom-build Houses

Find out why Self and Custom build housing is important and a register

Minerals and Waste Planning

Find out about where to find information on Minerals and Waste Planning which is undertaken by Somerset County Council.

Brownfield Sites Register

Find out information about Brownfield Sites available for housing on our up to date register

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Find out about the Community Infrastructure Levy and how it helps the funding of infrastructure

Section 106 funding and how to apply

Find out about Section 106 funding and how to apply