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Complaints procedure

Here at South Somerset, we are committed to providing a high quality service and, although most of the time our services are delivered to this high standard, we understand that occasionally things do go wrong.

We welcome feedback from all our customers and complaints are a valuable source of information. They help us to improve our services, put things right when they have gone wrong and to learn from our mistakes in the future.

By letting us know what you think, you will be helping to improve the Council for everybody.

  1. What is a complaint?

    We define a complaint as “an expression of dissatisfaction about the standard of the service, actions or lack of action by the council, affecting an individual customer or group of customers”.

    This may include failure to deliver a service, repeated delays in providing a service, an unsatisfactory level of a service, the behaviour of a member of staff or the failure to follow council policy or legal requirements.

  2. What happens when I make a complaint?

    We treat all formal complaints very seriously. They are recorded, reported on and dealt within 3 stages.

    Stage 1

    A Service Delivery Case Officer will receive your complaint. They will discuss the issue with any colleagues involved and may be in contact with you if they need any further information. If they feel that the complaint would be better dealt with by someone else, for example a specialist if the complaint is relating to policy or a team leader if the complaint is about an individual member of staff, then it will be passed on to be resolved.

    We aim to get back to you within 10 working days, however, we will keep you informed if our investigation needs to take a little bit longer or needs to be dealt with in a different way.

    Stage 2

    If you are not satisfied with our response or resolution, let us know. Your complaint will be passed to a Service Delivery Team leader to review. They will inform the relevant Service Director and check that everything has been investigated.

    Stage 3

    If you feel that your complaint has still not been resolved, you can pursue it further through the Local Government Ombudsman.

  3. How do I make a complaint?

    To make a formal complaint, visit our complaints page.

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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