Planning breach

Planning breaches include:

  • Carrying out building without planning permission
  • Carrying out building works which are not in accordance with a planning permission
  • Failing to comply with planning conditions attached to planning permission
  • Works on a Listed Building or to a tree with a Tree Preservation Order
  • Unauthorised works to a Listed Building
  • Unauthorised works to a tree subject to a Tree Preservation Order
  • Unauthorised works to a protected tree within a Conservation Area.
  • Display of unauthorised advertisements
  • The appearance or condition of land or buildings adversely affecting the amenity of an area
  • Failure to comply with the requirements of a formal notice issued by the Local Planning Authority

Planning breaches do not include:

  • Neighbour disputes
  • Land boundaries or ownership disputes
  • Works to party walls – Contact Citizens’ Advice for any issues or queries
  • Dangerous structures

View our Planning Enforcement Policy for more information about our role in enforcing breaches of planning control.

  1. How do I report a planning breach?

    If suspected unauthorised building work is causing immediate, serious or irreversible harm to neighbourhood facilities, a listed building, protected tree or conservation area, call us on 01935 462462.

    Check to see if any permission exists for the development you wish to report. You can do this online in the Your Area section of the website.

    If no permission exists, check to see if the work taking place does actually require planning permission. You can do this on the Planning Portal.

    If no planning permission has been granted, or the works taking place differ significantly to those that were agreed to in the permission, or you believe permission is required, contact us and let us know about the planning breach that has taken place.

    You will need to provide the following:

    • The location of the breach
    • The nature of the works
    • Why you believe the works to be unauthorised

    You will need to provide us with your name, address and contact details. Anonymous reports will not normally be pursued. Photographs and any supporting information will also be helpful.

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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