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Housing advice

Housing priority need

The Council may have a duty to house you if you are classed as in priority need for housing.

  1. I have children living with me

    You are in priority need if you have dependent children who usually live with you and are either:

    • under 16
    • under 19 and unable to support themselves, for example, because they're still in full-time education

    This includes your own children, step-children or other children in your household.

  2. I have children that don’t live with me

    You won't usually be in priority need if your children live with their other parent even if they often stay with you.

  3. I’m pregnant or someone in my household is pregnant

    You are in priority need if you or someone in your household is pregnant. We will need to see proof of your pregnancy from a GP or midwife.

  4. I am aged 16 or 17

    Most homeless 16 and 17 year olds are entitled to accommodation and support from social services, rather than the housing department of the Council.

    Young people in this age group need to apply to Children’s Social Care through Somerset Direct.

  5. I am aged 18 to 20 and have been in care

    You are in priority need if you're aged 18 to 20 and spent at least 24 hours in care arranged by social services when you were 16 or 17 years old.

    This includes time in foster care, in a children's home or in any other accommodation arranged by social services.

  6. Vulnerable people

    We may decide that you are in priority need because you or a member of your household are classed as 'vulnerable'.

    You might be vulnerable because of:

    • old age
    • physical or learning disabilities
    • mental health problems
    • fleeing domestic abuse or violence
    • time spent in care, prison or the armed forces

    You are not automatically classed as vulnerable if you fit into one of these groups.

    We decide if you are vulnerable by looking at:

    • if you can cope with being homeless
    • how any disability or illness you have affects your daily life
    • what support you would get from friends, family or other services
    • the risk of harm to you if you were to become street homeless compared to the risk of harm to other homeless people

    We need to see supporting information from your GP, psychiatrist, social worker or other relevant agencies to help us make our decision on whether you are vulnerable. The letter should confirm your medical situation and whether and why you would suffer injury or detriment should you become street homeless

  7. I am homeless because of a fire or flood

    You are in priority need if you're homeless due to an emergency such as fire or flood.

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