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Environmental services

Flooding emergencies

It is your responsibility as a homeowner or resident to protect your home from flooding.

We recommend taking precautionary measures and purchasing your own sandbags in case of flooding emergencies.

*To request sandbags after 4.30pm and before 9am or at any time during the weekend, please call our emergency out of hours line on 01935 462462*

  1. Where can I get sandbags from?

    You can purchase bags, filled or empty, from most local builder’s merchants or from the following suppliers:

  2. I can’t get sandbags, what do I do?

    If sandbags are not available, you can use:

    • rolled-up mats or carpets
    • bags of garden compost
    • pillow cases filled with soil (don't overfill them)
    • timber boards (possibly screwed to door frames and sealed with mastic)

  3. Can I request sandbags?

    We have a stock of sand and gel-filled 'expandable' bags that we deliver in flooding emergencies.

    This service is made available for properties at imminent risk of flooding, based on information from the Met Office or the Environment Agency.

    There are restrictions to this free, discretionary service:

    • Experience suggests that 6 bags per external doorway, not including doorways to garages or outbuildings, is sufficient. We will evaluate all requests on a needs basis.
    • Delivery will only take place if a safe route exists. Following a risk assessment and training, drivers have been instructed not to drive through flooded roads and operatives cannot wade through flooded areas.
    • Given the safety constraints, we may not be able to get to all residents that make a sandbag delivery request.
    • For safety and ease of delivery, ‘Gel’ bags will mainly be delivered to customers.

  4. Where can I find information on flood warnings?

    You can find up to date information on flood warnings by visiting the flood warnings page on the Government's website.

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