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Council Tax

Council Tax - moving home

Please be aware that because of Covid 19 there is increased demand on the Revenues department, move forms are taking longer than normal to process, any existing Direct Debit that you have in place will remain unchanged until this has been actioned, any overpaid Council Tax will be refunded to the account the Direct Debit was being taken from when this has been processed.

Changes of address can include:

  • Moving into South Somerset
  • Moving away from South Somerset
  • Moving from one property to another within South Somerset
  • Moving to a care/residential home
  • A change to the number of people (over 18) living in your property      
  • A partner or adult child moving in or out of your home

It is important that you notify us of any change of address within 21 days, failure to do so could lead to a penalty of £70.00. See our penalties page for more information.

If you do not let us know about a change of address, you could be charged the wrong amount.

This is to help make sure that your initial Council Tax bill is for the correct amount and includes any discounts or exemptions you are eligible for.

  1. I am moving out of the South Somerset District Council area

  2. I am moving within the South Somerset District Council area

  3. I am moving into the South Somerset area

    Report that you are moving into the area online.

  4. The number of people in my household has changed

  5. I am a landlord and my tenants have moved or changed

    If tenants are leaving or moving into one of your properties, or if there is a change of tenants at an address, let us know by completing our online form.

Thank you. You response is appreciated.

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