How your Council is making new investments to help finance the future of South Somerset

The Council is making investments which will provide a solid financial return that will enable us to protect the services we deliver for our communities and help fund important community initiatives like the Yeovil Refresh and Chard Regeneration.

Decisive action and good progress of Council's Transformation praised in review

The "decisive action and good progress" being taken by South Somerset District Council to protect services has been highlighted in a report assessing the Council and its Transformation programme.

Council sets out budget proposals

South Somerset District Council is proposing to set a balanced budget for the year ahead with no cuts to services. Article from January 2018.

Finances at South Somerset District Council are secure as Transformation continues

The finances at South Somerset District Council (SSDC) have been given a clean bill of health as it moves through one of the most ambitious transformations in its history

Planning: What you need to know about accessing the service

South Somerset District Council's Planning service deals with an around 2,000 planning applications each year, meaning that the team of planners and admin support are quite a busy team!

Partnership unveiled to fuel Somerset’s rural communities

Homeowners and tenants across Somerset can save money each and every time they fill-up their oil tanks thanks to the improved fuel syndicate launched by The Community Council for Somerset (CCS) in partnership with AF Affinity Limited.

Women across South Somerset can be In It Together

With over 2,500 women taking part in sporting activities in the past three years, South Somerset District Council's In It Together project has certainly had a real impact on many women's lives.

Communities invited to apply for grant to help reduce carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels

South Somerset Community Energy Society (SSCES) is pleased to invite the communities of South Somerset who are working to reduce their carbon footprint and their use of fossil fuels to apply for a grant.

15 things we’re very proud of delivering in the past 18 months

Fifteen accomplishments South Somerset District Council have achieved in the past eighteen months.

South Somerset District Council supports empty property owners

As part of National Empty Homes Week 2018 this week, South Somerset District Council is reaffirming its commitment to support empty property owners and bring the buildings back into use.