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I need to report an environmental problem

Use the information below to find out how to report an environmental problem.

If you can't find what you're looking for, visit our Report An Issue page. 

  1. I need to report a problem with a street light

    To report a problem with a street light in South Somerset, go to the Somerset County Council website.

    To report other types of lights, for example security lights, visit our light nuisance page

  2. I need to report a problem with a road

    Follow these link to Somerset County Council to report a problem with a road, pavement or public right of way in South Somerset.

    This includes:


  3. I would like advice on road gritting

    For information and advice on road gritting, go to the Travel Somerset website.

  4. I need to report a suspected gas leak

    If you can smell gas, suspect a gas emergency or would just like gas safety advice, go to the National Grid website.

  5. I need to report an electrical hazard

    To report a power cut, a hanging, exposed or dangerous power cable, go to the UK Power Networks website.


  6. I would like help with drains, sewers or water leaks

    For help and advice relating to blocked drains, water leaks and water pollution please go to the Wessex Water website.

    If a neighbour's drain is causing you problems or your landlord is refusing to help with your own drain, visit our drain and sewer page

  7. I need to report a problem with a telephone line

    To report damage to telephone cables, poles, cabinets or manholes, go the BT website.


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