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Community safety

  1. How do I report anti-social behaviour?

    To report anti-social behaviour in South Somerset, go to the Avon and Somerset Police website.

  2. I need to report a dangerously parked vehicle

    To report a badly parked vehicle, go to the Somerset County Council website.

    If a is vehicle parked on a grass verge owned by the Council, report it to us.

  3. I’m worried about flooding

    For information on how to prepare for a flood, including where to purchase sandbags, visit our flooding emergencies page

    For more general advice on flooding, go to the Somerset County Council website

  4. I need to report a dangerous building

    To report a building that may be in a dangerous condition and may pose a threat to public safety, visit our dangerous buildings and structures page.

  5. I need to report a dangerous dog

    To report a dangerous dog or a dog attack, go to our report it page.

  6. I have found drug paraphernalia or broken glass on the street

    If you have found drug litter, broken glass or any other hazard in a public place, report it to us.

  7. Anti-social Behaviour: Community Trigger

    If you have reported a problem to the council, police or housing provider and you feel not enough action has been taken to respond to your report, the community trigger is a way for you to ask for a case review.

    The community trigger can be used by individuals, businesses or community groups. You can start a community trigger if:

    • you have reported three separate incidents relating to the same problem in the past six months to the Council, Police or your landlord and you've had inadequate response or feel ignored
    • at least five people have made reports about the same problem in the past six months.

    In order to start a community trigger visit the Avon and Somerset Police page and complete the community trigger form.

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