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Me and my family

I’ve suffered a bereavement

When you have suffered a bereavement it can be an emotional time and it is sometimes difficult to know what to do next.

The Government Tell Us Once service notifies libraries, electoral and council services, the tax office, DVLA, the Passport Office and HMRC.

  1. I need to register a death

    Visit our bereavement page for information on what to do when someone dies

  2. I would like bereavement support

  3. I need to arrange a funeral

    Visit the Government website for advice on arranging a funeral

  4. I need help with funeral costs

    Visit the Government website to find out if you can get help with funeral costs

  5. I am looking for cemeteries and crematoria

    Visit the Yeovil Town Council website for contact details for Yeovil Crematorium and Cemetery

  6. I would like to construct a memorial

    Visit the Yeovil Town Council website for information on memorials

  7. I would like advice on burials on private land

    Visit the Natural Death Centre website for advice on burials on private land

  8. I need advice as someone has passed away whilst overseas

    When someone dies overseas, the stress of bereavement can be made worse by having to deal with an unfamiliar system far from home. However, you can get help from the British authorities.

    Visit Citizens Advice for more information on deaths abroad

  9. I need to register a stillbirth

    A stillbirth should be registered at a register office within 42 days.

    Visit the Government website for information on registering a stillbirth

  10. I would like advice on public funerals

    It is our duty to arrange the funeral if a person has died and it appears that suitable arrangements are not being made by any other person.

    Contact us for more information on public funerals.

  11. Useful links

    Find Yeovil Crematorium details.

    Find information on deaths and bereavement.

    For support, contact the Samaritans.

    Get Money Advice.

    Get Debt Advice.

    For advice, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

    To report the death of an individual to several banks, building societies and other financial firms via just one online form, visit the death notification service.

    For advice on other things to consider following a death, visit Age UK.

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