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  1. What do I need to do when someone dies?

    When someone dies it can be a very emotional time and this can make it hard to know what practical things you need to do next.

    For helpful advice and guidance on what you should do in the event of a death, visit this page.

    Initially, you should register the death with the Registrar who will give you a reference number. It is recommended the death is registered within 5 days.

    You should then use this reference number to notify many local and government agencies at the same time by using the Tell Us Once service.

  2. How do I register a death with the Registrar?

    To make an appointment with the Registrar, contact:

    Phone: 01823 282251

  3. What is the tell us once service?

    This service notifies libraries, electoral and council services, the tax office, DVLA, UK Passport Office and HMRC.

    Access the Tell Us Once Service here.

  4. Other useful websites

    To report the death of an individual to several banks, building societies and other financial firms using just one online form, visit the Death Notification Service website.

    For advice on other practical things to consider following a death, visit Age UK.

    To find out about crematorium pricing and services visit Yeovil Town Council.

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